The SkyLight is no longer for sale as we move onto other ventures & adventures, thank you all for your interest and support! Website content will continue to be available although will not be updated.

healthcare & telemedicine

The SkyLight is a smartphone-microscope camera adapter that stands to revolutionize telemedicine by bringing together two previously disparate but widely available technologies: smartphones and microscopes. Attaching a smartphone with the SkyLight instantly upgrades available microscopes of any age, allowing diagnostic images to be captured on camera and securely transmitted from anywhere around the world to a trained expert able to make that life-saving diagnosis. And diagnostic images obtained with a SkyLight and iPhone 4S are comparable to those obtained with digital microscope-mounted cameras. »

science education & research

Make science education exciting, intuitive, and sharable. The SkyLight allows equipment and the viewing experience to be shared by teachers and students of all ages. Even better, the resulting images and videos can be shared through social media among science and education communities, classrooms, friends, or even with the world. Check out the following images taken with a variety of phones and microscopes.»

industry, adventure & hobby

Share exciting finds with co-workers, friends, and the online community! The SkyLight, a minimalist iPhone microscope adapter, holds any smartphone steady while taking photographs or videos, making it a perfect companion for researchers and adventurers alike. The SkyLight attaches to eyepieces of spotting scopes as well as microscopes, so weekend microscopists or bird watchers can record sightings, confirm species, or just remember those lifetime birds. A few more details about the SkyLight on a spotting scope here.»
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