5 SkyLights sold = 1 SkyLight donated

 The donation list grew to its own page!

If you (or someone you know) are interested in receiving donated SkyLights as a resource for science education or global health work, please contact us at 5to1promise@skylightscope.com!

Idea: We believe that any project or business can have a positive social impact and make a tangible difference in individuals’ lives.

Backstory: The SkyLight was initially designed to address an observed and unmet human need: access to basic healthcare in remote and resource-limited settings. In many locations, seeing a doctor is often impossible because the doctor is either too far away or there are too few doctors to serve a country’s population, or both. The World Health Organization estimates that 57 countries have an absolute shortage of 2.3 million physicians, nurses and midwives. Telemedicine, the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical healthcare over distance, can help eliminate distance barriers and improve access to healthcare services. With the SkyLight, smartphones bring microscopes into the digital age as a telemedicine-enabled device.

While field testing the SkyLight in the rain forests of Costa Rica with the Merritt Microscopy Program, we realized its potential to make an impact in another resource-limited setting: science classrooms. Science classrooms often do not have the financial resources to purchase new equipment, so using the SkyLight allows science classrooms to inexpensively upgrade existing microscopes to digital instruments using the widely available technology of smartphones. This allows students to interact with microscopes in a totally new way, with the use of a technology they already value. Check out interesting this article (real talk from a teacher!) if you need any convincing!

Idea in action: In commitment to this idea, we continue to run the SkyLight as a social venture. For every five SkyLights that are purchased, one is donated to either a global health or science education cause. This is our 5 to 1 Promise.

Last – but very importantly – thanks to everyone already using donated SkyLights in classrooms, labs, hospitals, and clinics around the world!

♥ Andy & Tess

Education outreach with a SkyLight prototype!


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