Andy is an engineer and designer. He previously designed and built the Global Focus microscope – a small and inexpensive fluorescent microscope that currently has 20 prototypes being tested in the US, Central America, Africa. (Editor’s note: and was written up in the NY big deal or anything.) He currently lives in Berkeley, works as a medical device design engineer in San Francisco, and looks at Notcot and Ffffound at least 100 times a day.


Tess is a software engineer in San Francisco. Previously, she worked as a geoscientist before learning to code at Hackbright Academy. She studied geology at UC Santa Cruz, and has lived in the Pacific Northwest, Santa Cruz, Barcelona, Costa Rica & Oakland. She is enthusiastic about adventures, running around like a kid (or like an adult, pick your poison!),  design projects, looking at/climbing on rocks, and reading 10 books at once.
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