Is the SkyLight for sale? Where can I buy a SkyLight?

What is the cost of shipping and handling in the US?

  • Shipping and handling cost for domestic purchases is a flat fee of $10 for purchases under $100. Otherwise, USPS shipping is carrier-calculated. Orders are processed within 24 hours, and shipping (from the west coast) takes 3-5 days.

Is international shipping available? How long will it take?

  • Yes, international shipping to any country of the world is available for all purchases, and takes an estimated 6-10 days.

Will my smartphone fit in the SkyLight?

  • The maximum dimensions for a smartphone to fit in the SkyLight tray are 6 1/4 inches in length by 2 7/8 inches in width (158 x 73 mm). Please note that width tends to be the limiting dimension. The clips that hold the phone is place are 11/16 inches in height (17 mm). Thicker phones (or phones with cases on) will work with the SkyLight, but may not be quite as stable when in place.

Is the SkyLight compatible with my brand of smartphone?

  • Please see the answer to the above question regarding SkyLight dimensions. The SkyLight’s universal design is meant for all brands of flat smartphones that fit within the dimensions listed.

What about an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?

  • Got us there! As the ubiquitous iPhones keep on growing, we are also growing to keep up. A newly-universal prototype is currently in the works, due out very early 2015!! Stay tuned!

What about an iPod Touch?

  • An iPod touch with a camera works just like a smart phone with a camera, and works great with a SkyLight!

What about an iPad though? iPad mini?

  • Because iPads are larger than the dimensions of the SkyLight’s stage, iPads are not compatible with the SkyLight. Perhaps a future SkyLight….

What about an iPhone 4/4S/5/5c?

  • Yes, yes, yes & yes! We highly recommend using iPhones to take images with the SkyLight, as the high megapixel cameras provide high-quality images. In fact, a recent cytology study compared images from a SkyLight and iPhone 4S (8 megapixel camera)  versus those from a microscope-mounted digital camera (the Olympus DP70), and found them to be of comparable quality for diagnosis. Also, check out this example of how sweet your photos will be lookin with an iPhone 5!

Are there smartphones that are not compatible with the SkyLight?

  • As the size of screens, and consequently phones, increases, there are a few phones out there that do not fit within the dimensions of the SkyLight. If you have a giant phone, check the dimensions! If your phone does not fit in the SkyLight, we will gladly refund your purchase. 

Will the base of the SkyLight fit around the eyepiece of my microscope?

  • The SkyLight can be used on all eyepieces (microscope, spotting scope, telescope & otherwise) up to 1.7 inches (44.5 mm) in diameter.

Will my microscope work with the SkyLight?

  • The SkyLight is at its best when working in primarily horizontal conditions, as it was designed for use with desktop microscopes. For this reason it is not recommended for use with slit lamp scopes or any other scope where the SkyLight will be used in a near-vertical position. If you are a fierce & independent ophthalmologist and want to use the SkyLight regardless, lots of users have had success with the SkyLight on their slit lamp scopes with the use of an additional rubber band or two to keep the phone steady!

How does the SkyLight actually work?

  • Good question! First, the SkyLight is a mechanical device – no additional optics or photography equipment are involved. The SkyLight base clamps to a microscope eyepiece, and the tray portion holds a smartphone steady over the microscope eyepiece. Then the SkyLight enables the phone camera to be positioned and held steady over the eyepiece, so that the image from the microscope focuses on the phone camera the way it would normally focus on your eye. The image from the microscope is focused on the phone camera, and consequently displayed on the phone screen.

How was the SkyLight development and manufacturing funded?

  • Yet another good question! The SkyLight was on Kickstarter – a very cool crowdfunding website – in late 2011, which allowed interested users to financially back the project in exchange for receiving a future SkyLight. We also received a Cool Idea! Award from Proto Labs, which covered the tooling costs for our first manufacturing run. Last but not least, we used some savings from our day jobs, since the project was initially started on a nights-and-weekends basis. We now consider it a “project-turned-business”, and the current SkyLight is manufactured overseas.

May I pay with a check/money order/purchase order? May I pay over the phone?

  • We currently accept internet credit card, PayPal payments, or mailed checks only! No purchase orders are accepted, and we are not able to take credit cards over the phone.

Are SkyLight purchases taxed?

  • Tax is charged on purchases shipped within the state of California. PURCHASES TO ALL OTHER STATES (AND COUNTRIES) ARE NOT TAXED.

My order isn’t going through, what should I do?

  • First, thanks for your patience! Please make sure that the spaces for your E-mail, First Name, and Last Name are all completed on the ordering page. If that does not work, please contact us and let us know the problem so we can get to work on it.


  • To receive a refund, the full order must be returned. When the return is received, a full refund (minus shipping cost) will be processed to the credit card or PayPal account on which the purchase was made. Any refunds processed greater than 60 days after payment will be by mailed check.
Broken parts?
  • The SkyLight is a pretty hardy device, but we understand that things happen! While we do not currently have a set warranty or guarantee, we do offer replacement parts on a (liberal) case-by-case basis. Contact us! (Update/sidenote: We’ve been informed of exactly one SkyLight that has actually physically broken, so such a possibility is VERY unlikely.)

How can I get more information about distribution potential for the SkyLight?

  • Contact us through this handy contact form, or e-mail us at

If you looked at alllllll this and your question is still unanswered, please ask!

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